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Introduction to prefabricated buildings

Taizhou Baoli Prefabricated Residential Industry Co., Ltd. is committed to becoming a complete technical solution provider for prefabricated buildings integrating R&D, design, factory manufacturing and

assembly construction.
Taizhou Baoli Prefabricated Residential Industry Co., Ltd. is affiliated to Jiangsu Baoli Automation

Technology Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Baoli Automation Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2005, is a research

and development high-tech enterprise that is based on science and technology, attaches importance to

technology research and development, innovation and diversified development.
In order to master the core technology of prefabricated buildings, Taizhou Baoli and Beijing University of Technology combined with industry, university and research institutes, and joined Nanjing University of

Science and Technology and Suzhou University of Science and Technology to form a research and development team of experts, doctors and professional leaders with multiple disciplines. In the year, the


company developed the “Technical System for Baoli Green Low-rise Assembly Steel Structure Housing” and its automated production line technology system, and obtained 12

architectural invention patents and more than 49 utility models.
In the country, Jiangsu Baoli vigorously laid out the development of prefabricated buildings. In Beijing, a green assembly-type building R&D center was established. With Tianjin Wuqing as the production base, the first green-assembled building production line was successfully built, and the first model house was built. The assembly-type building

industrialization was established in Taizhou. Base; build a southwest production base in Zhanqi Village, Chengdu, Sichuan, and build a green assembly building production plant.

Many colleges and universities


Find the right project positioning
Forming a team of doctoral experts
Start research and development

Team formation

Big work

Great investment in raw results
DGC1.0 Building System Model House
Set up production line R&D team 1.0 production line


Increase investment and iterate quickly
DGC2.0\3.0 system
More model houses in the test base
Larger automation team
2.0 production line


Fast iteration

Born out


DGC3.1 Building System
2.1 production line
More doctoral experts at the Graduate School
Start project delivery


The combination of production, study and research

Prefabricated building project

Baoli assembly house

Baoli assembly house

Baoli assembly house

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