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Old and new friends from all walks of life:
Sincerely thank you for your constant concern and support for Jiangsu Baoli Automation Technology Co., Ltd.!
Jiangsu Baoli Automation Technology Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the research and development and production of automation equipment. Since the establishment of the company, it has always been "to help enterprises achieve automation, improve the productivity of enterprises as their responsibility, and strive to promote the country's prosperity!" The mission is to keep making progress, strive to improve our technical level, and use the best products to reward every customer who cares and supports us.
In just a few short years, our company has developed such a coin-operated line and printing linkage line for all the major coin-making enterprises in the country. The products are spread throughout every coin-making enterprise in China. The Baoli people are very proud to say that each The coins are all out of our equipment.
Science and technology create the life of the enterprise. We, Jiangsu Baoli, constantly develop new high-tech products. The fully automatic RMB package linkage line we developed has been put into production in Guangzhou and achieved satisfactory results.
The company has independent intellectual property rights and has its own research and development team. It has obtained 3 national copyrights and 3 patent applications. The company has been awarded as Jiangsu Star Enterprise.
Non-standard automation is a broad field. We will continue to improve the R&D level of our company through the construction of our own R&D team and the cooperation of schools, enterprises and research institutes in this field. We win by the quality of our products and do not engage in malicious competition. Baoli people clearly understand that the low quality of products brought by low prices is not responsible to customers, is not responsible for their own enterprises, and is not responsible for the future of our national automation industry.
We believe in a culture of gratitude. We treat every customer sincerely. The service concept we have established is:
     What can we do for our customers until they are satisfied!
     What else can we do for our customers until we are moved!
     Meeting the needs of our customers is our dedication!
    "It is difficult to do things in the world, and it will be done in the easyness; the great things in the world will be done in fineness." With the tireless efforts of Baoli people, you will definitely get your approval. Please believe us!
Thank you all the friends for your support!