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Personnel policy

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[Twelve talent characteristics]
Loyalty - ability is important, loyalty is more important
Dedication - to be better than others, it is necessary to do more than others
Auto-spontaneous - not a company request, it is doing things for yourself
Responsible - no responsibility, the result is just luck
Efficiency - working hard, or working effectively
Result-oriented - no credit, no qualifications for hard work
Good at communication - management is communication, communication is efficiency
Team - the workplace is not a personal show, the team wins is the real win
Aggressive - as long as you don't set limits for yourself, you can improve 1% every day.
Humility - you don't have to be proud of you, you can't be proud of yourself.
Savings - creating tangible assets, saving invisible profits
Gratefulness - gratitude is a virtue, gratitude is the power of upward
[Cultivate and select talents]
“Attracting people with development”
  "Consolidating people with careers"
"Cultivate people with work"
"Assess people by performance"