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Baoliqing·China Dream (Record 2014 Jiangsu Baoli Automation Technology Year-end Summary and Commendation Conference)

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In 2014, we went to the glory of the horse, and the 2015 Baoli sheep came to the blessing. The busy 2014 has passed, and the new 2015 has arrived. On the afternoon of February 7, 2015, Jiangsu Baoli Automation Technology Year-end Summary and Commendation Conference was held in the training room on the 4th floor of the office building of Fuxin Bright New Factory.
Mr. Qin Yongfeng, the general manager, attended the event with the deputy general manager and all the staff. More than 80 people gathered together for a grand ceremony.
This summary meeting, with strict discipline and solemn atmosphere, reflects the entrepreneurial spirit of Baoli people's life in the struggle, from the beginning to the end, constantly reciting the core values ​​of responsibility, diligence, collaboration, innovation and dedication, condensing deep Bao Liqing, Chinese dream.
1. Summary of work: talk less about performance, talk more about problems, find ways to solve problems
The first agenda of the meeting was the summary of the work of the heads of the various departments of the company. The heads of the departments in the work summary mostly talked about the performance, talked about the problems, or simply did not talk about the performance, only talked about the problems, and dared to dig deeper into the problems. The reason for facing the damage caused by the problem is to actively seek ways to solve the problem. With such a team that dares to find problems and face problems, the power can be step by step from scratch, from weak to strong, so that even in 2014, such a dilemma is still high-spirited and brave.
2, commend advanced: fair and equitable, outstanding performance, wide coverage, never swear.
In this conference, the company commended 11 advanced individuals and 6 Progress Award employees. The selected employees were all employees with outstanding work performance, hard work and responsibility, and they also came from different departments. The center's engineers, engineers from the Taizhou Technology Department, ordinary workers in the engineering department, and logistics support staff in the department.
In the subsequent speeches of the senior representatives, three representatives of Qian Houjun, Jinshan and Zhulin made wonderful speeches, expressing the certain incentives as the driving force, fulfilling the company's “active, rapid, decisive and transcendence” work culture, and continued in 2015. work hard.
3. Shen’s speech: concise and concise
Subsequently, the company's deputy general manager and head of the Nanjing R&D Center, Shen Jiashen, stressed in his speech that the entire Nanjing R&D Center will continue to make unremitting efforts to contribute to the company's vision of “creating a world-class intelligent equipment enterprise”. The strength of every employee in the R&D center.
4. Zhu’s speech: 20 iron laws for a good company’s success
Then Zhu Xixiang, the head of the company's Suzhou R&D Center, delivered a speech. I hope that everyone can implement 20 good laws of success for a good company, which is thought-provoking and thought-provoking.
5. General Qin’s speech: summing up the past and looking to the future
Finally, Mr. Qin Yongfeng, the general manager of the company, carried out the 2014 work summary and the 2015 planning and deployment report, pointing out that 2015 is a key year and an opportunity for the development of Jiangsu Baoli Automation Technology Co., Ltd., and Baoli people must seize this new opportunity. To meet the challenges and innovate and develop, we are determined to work harder and more confidently to create a new situation for the company's development, to show different powers in front of the world, and to realize our security and Chinese dreams as soon as possible.