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Yesterday • Today • Tomorrow – Remember the 2014 Annual Meeting of Jiangsu Baoli Automation Technology Co., Ltd.

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Yesterday we were struggling to start a business and smashing the road. Today, we sailed and our morale was high; tomorrow we will succeed and be more brilliant.
On the evening of February 7, 2015, Jiangsu Baoli Automation Technology Co., Ltd. held the 2014 annual meeting of the company at Guoyuan Hotel. Mr. Qin Yongfeng, the general manager of the company, attended the event with the vice president of the company and all the employees and some family members. A total of more than 100 people gathered together for a grand ceremony.
From the form to the content, from the perspective of feelings, from the atmosphere to the feelings, this annual meeting has made great progress with the past. The content of the annual meeting is full of enthusiasm and enthusiasm.
1. Art bacteria overflows - the opening dance "Little Apple"
The opening dance apples have the male art youths from the business department, the quality department, and the customer service department. We are in the opposite direction. The dynamic dance in our image should be danced by beautiful women. The square dance should be the traditional thinking of aunt jumping, a group of artistic bacteria to us. It brought the opening of the annual meeting of hilarious laughter, and everyone in the whole place entered the ocean of joy.
2, God horses are clouds, musical instruments are kings
In the next program, everyone showed their talents and the program climaxed. The most noteworthy thing is that the two children of the company's staff brought the saxophone solo "My Heart Is Still" and the Erhu Solo "Two Springs". Month, it is really admirable to have to feel the feelings, the waves of the Yangtze River push forward waves, the former waves died on the beach.
3, also the magic is true, the magic kingdom
The climax of the atmosphere at the scene, the magic of our company's magician, "Peer Through", brought everyone into the illusion and true, when the time is true, the magic kingdom. In the eyes of the participants of the company, the employees of the company's quality department went to the stage to check the props and tried to dismantle the magic, but in the end they still failed.
In short, this annual meeting is simply a feast of audio-visual entertainment. The atmosphere is very warm, and applause, cheers, and laughter continue. Innovative programs and fabulous performances showcase the new look of the enthusiasm of the Baon people.
4, the prizes are rich, the lottery links climax.
At this annual meeting, the company prepared a generous prize in the lottery, the induction cooker, the silver bar, the TV set, the notebook computer, and the atmosphere of the lottery was climaxed, and the laughter continued. At the same time, the company also issued a mobile phone for each employee, ensuring that everyone has a prize and everyone laughs.
5, give up a life, sweep the grand prize.
At the end of the annual meeting, the company organized a payout of 20 yuan, throwing 6 color words, the biggest point to win all the bonus games, and finally Wang Haoya of the Nanjing R&D Center swept the audience at 30 points, took away the bonus, and experienced The feeling of being alone and losing.