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Signing Ceremony of "Green Low-carbon Assembly House - Simple Farmhouse System"

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Beijing University of Technology School of Architecture and Urban Planning·Jiangsu Baoli Automation Technology Co., Ltd. “Green low-carbon assembly house – simple farmhouse system” signing ceremony
On the morning of June 16, 2015, the signing ceremony of the “Green Low Carbon Equipped House – Simple Farm Building System” jointly developed by the School of Architecture and Urban Planning of Beijing University of Technology and our company was held in the conference room on the 4th floor of our office building.
The system uses cold-formed thin-walled steel as raw material, truss-type mechanical structure and truss connection method, which integrates domestic and international safety, environmental protection, energy saving and cost-effective new building materials and processes for factory and modular production. A new green integrated building system.
The system has received strong support from the Beijing Municipal Commission of Regulations, the Housing Construction Committee, the Science and Technology Commission, China Construction Design Group, China Building Standard Design and Research Institute, China Building Materials Research Institute and other relevant departments.
The project is based on the North University of Technology's simple research and development center, combined with cold-formed steel, new building materials, machinery automation manufacturing and other well-known enterprises in the industry to form a production and research alliance, to build an offline research and development manufacturing platform, to establish O2O e-commerce platform development Focus on online promotion, trading, and payment to achieve results transformation and marketing.
The project market is huge. With the promotion of new urbanization and beautiful rural policies, the rural residential market will be the market with the greatest potential for future development. It is predicted that the annual construction volume of the farmhouse market will be 600-700 million square meters, with a total volume of nearly 1 trillion. If you follow the 1% market share, there will be a market size of 10 billion.
As the sole mechanical equipment automation manufacturing partner of the project, our company is responsible for the research and development, trial production, optimization, standard and specification writing, mass production, structural component production, post-layout and management of the automation part of the project machinery.
Our company's participation in the cooperative development of the project will help to improve the overall technical level of our company. On the other hand, the use of our existing market area and marketing channels will help accelerate the promotion of the system.