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Jiangsu Baoli Automation Technology Co., Ltd. • Taizhou College - The ritual ceremony of the production, study and research base

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On May 07, 2015, the inauguration ceremony of Jiangsu Baoli Automation Technology Co., Ltd. and Taizhou College “School-enterprise Cooperation (production, study and research) base” was held in the company. The whole ceremony was attended by General Manager Qin Yongfeng of Baoli Company and Vice President Sun Lingfang of Taizhou University. Hosted, General Manager Qin Yongfeng and Dean Sun of Taizhou College gave a warm speech.
Also attending the unveiling ceremony were the heads of various departments of our company, Dr. Pan Xiaoming, Director of Scientific Research Department of Taizhou University, Dr. Zhu Huisheng, Associate Dean of School of Computer Science and Technology, Professor Zhao Zhenjiang, Dean of School of Naval Architecture and Mechanical Engineering, School of Computer Science and Technology Dr. Yu Hang, Dr. Li Sheng, Dr. Pan Haiyu, etc.
General Manager Qin Yongfeng said: "Talent training is not only a school task, but also a mission of the company. Taizhou College chose us as a partner, reflecting the forward-looking vision of the college leaders and reflecting the trust of Taizhou College. The unveiling of the brand marks the true beginning of school-enterprise cooperation and hopes that our cooperation will become a model for school-enterprise cooperation.
Jiangsu Baoli Automation Technology Co., Ltd. is an intelligent equipment manufacturing enterprise with international leading technology. It is famous for its leading technology and bright future, and has become a high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu. We are willing to share resources with Taizhou University and hope that both parties will work together for mutual benefit. ”
Dean Sun said: "This unveiling marks that Taizhou College and Jiangsu Baoli Automation Technology Co., Ltd. will carry out all-round, in-depth and long-term cooperation, which marks that our school-enterprise cooperation has reached a new level. Complement each other's strengths, build a practical teaching base, and train more practical and compound talents for the Taizhou automation industry.
Since the establishment of Taizhou College, through the efforts of all the college students, the implementation of the "theory learning" and "skills practice" teaching methods has become a banner of Taizhou higher education, we will make full use of good teaching resources, and Jiangsu Baoli Automation Technology Co., Ltd. tailor-made automation qualified personnel. After 10 years of development, Baoli Automation has become a model of intelligent equipment manufacturing in China. With the strong cooperation of Baoli, it will provide more advanced, scientific and professional teaching guidance for our hospital. We firmly believe that 'Strong and Strong' will inject new impetus into the development of our hospital and Baoli Company, and provide a broad space for the sustainable, scientific and healthy development of our two sides. Our future cooperation will also be more solid and more Full of vitality and vitality. ”
In the warm applause, General Manager Qin Yongfeng and Vice President Sun unveiled the “School-Enterprise Cooperation Base”. Since then, it has also opened a new chapter in the school-enterprise cooperation of our company. School-enterprise cooperation, tailor-made qualified personnel; complementary advantages, training elites in the automation industry.